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Membership Categories



State education agency (SEA) personnel whose primary area of responsibility or oversight includes world languages



  • Representatives from federal government agencies whose area of responsibility includes K-12 world language initiative
  • Representatives of national and international non-profit organizations (official letter required) whose mission includes the improvement or promotion of world language education
  • SEA personnel whose primary area of responsibility includes international or global education
  • SEA designee (official letter required) in cases where an SEA has no world language supervisor
  • Former Regular SEA members who are currently working in world/second language education at either a public or private educational institution
  • Former Regular SEA members whose SEA employment was terminated due to a reduction in force and who are not eligible for retired membership
  • Individuals appointed by a Regular SEA member as his/her representative when the Regular SEA member is unable to attend one or more annual meetings


Persons retired from SEAs in which their area of responsibility or oversight was world languages



Individuals who have been NCSSFL associate members in good standing for at least one year prior to their retirement.

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